Become a Certificed Organization Designer

Succeeding with your sustainable strategy, requires a sustainable organization design

Online course accredited by Organizational Design Community

The course will:

  • Give you knowledge and insights into the design of sustainable organizations.  
  • Equip you with the competences to diagnose an organization and identify strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Enable you to assess how the organization design can support  the sustainable strategy.  
  • Give you the theoretical knowledge to complete the process to become a Certified  Organizational Design Professional (CODP) 

When you have completed the course, you will have a better understanding of how to assess organization design and how it positively and negatively impacts your organization’s performance. You will be guided through a seven-step model that helps you design an organization that supports and facilitates your organization’s sustainable strategy.   

Why is this course relevant?
The organization design drives the way are implemented. It is the frame that allows and enables collective behaviour. Research shows that a 30% variation in the organization’s performance can be traced back to the organizational design. As a person responsible for the organizational design, it is crucial that you have the necessary insights and knowledge about, how the individual parts in the organization are interconnected and interdependent. 

Sustainable Organization Design is an addition to traditional organization design. Sustainable development is an important driver for organization design: the way the organization should behave and how it should be designed. Innovation is necessary to design effective organizations doing business that is best for the planet. The consequences for structure, processes, leadership, and values should be assessed and seen from a holistic perspective in order to design an organization able to make an impact and create value for future generations. 

Next virtual course starts October 2022

I can definitely recommend this course. I am already applying many of the insights I have learned.
It was a really good course, and I took home a lot of new insights.

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