zeal - sustainable strategy - since 1980

Playbook in the zeal

Vores interne retningslinjer og politikker er skrevet på engelsk, da vi er et internationalt og inkluderende team. Vi håber, de inspirerer flere til at gentænke måden, vi indretter vores arbejdspladser på:

  • Environment

    We prioritize environmentally friendly transportation at all times. Waste is disassembled, cleaned and sorted for recycling. Virtual meetings are encouraged and preferred whenever feasible. Food served or sponsored by the company will always be vegetarian or pescatarian. A minimum of 50% of procured goods and services should prioritize local & independent businesses.

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  • Code of Ethics

    We act with integrity and exercise good judgement to the best of our abilities. We are truthful, fair and sincere. We are loyal and treat all information about our clients and partners as confidential, unless otherwise agreed. We are kind, compassionate and tolerant. We are reliable, accountable and trustworthy. We walk the talk, show restraint and do not indulge in excessive behaviour.

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  • Whistleblower

    All employees, student workers, and partners of this company are encouraged to openly, confidentially, and anonymously report their concerns to a member of the Executive Board, if they believe management indulged in any questionable transaction, serious violation of law, actual or suspected fraud, siphoning of funds, misstating or misleading facts, or suspects breakdown of corporate…

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  • Information & Feedback

    To share information and feedback we have a monthly update posted to Teams, an Annual Strategy Meeting in March, as well as daily internal communication online or in relevant Teams channel. Feedback happens on an ongoing basis during monthly feedback sessions and in quarterly zebra spark surveys. Employees are responsible for keeping updates and share…

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  • Zero tolerance

    At zeal we are committed to providing a professional environment that promotes respect, integrity, equal opportunity and openness. An environment free of discrimination and harassment in all its activities and operations. It is everybody’s responsibility to speak up about incidents of harassment or discrimination. If it is established, appropriate action will be taken.

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  • Working hours

    We have a Four-Day Work Week. Fridays are ‘meeting free days’ with no internal meetings on Fridays and the office is closed. Employees manage their own time and log it in Clockify with at least 90 percent billable hours per month. Tuesday is an in-office day. Lunch time is paid. We support flexible work, but…

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  • Benefits

    We support employees who want to take Leave of Absence and accomodate whenever possible. We support parents in taking Parental Leave (up to 24 weeks), and they can bring their kids to work or work from home when necessary. We allow employees to bring their dog to work. We encourage employees to continously develop. Full-time…

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  • Professional Development

    We are committed to investing in the development and growth of our employees. We invest in on-the-job-training and development through taking on new challenges and new responsibilities. We invest in external training whenever it is relevant and/or necessary to build skills, competencies, or insights for client projects. We buy books for our office library that…

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  • Growing the team

    We passionately believe in growing our team organically, which is why we always prioritize internal promotion over external hire. When recruiting from outside the team, we consider and prioritize the Indvidual’s ability to learn and grow with our company, the fit with our core beliefs, and contribution to diversity, range, and core competences of our…

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