zeal - sustainable strategy - since 1980


We support employees who want to take a Leave of Absence and accommodate, as necessary, whenever possible.

We celebrate everyone who choose to become a parent and support them in taking Parental Leave.

Employees at zeal can take up to 34 weeks of paid parental leave provided they are eligible for ‘barselsdagpenge’.

Parents can bring kids to work or work from home, whenever necessary and as appropriate to tasks, external meetings etc.

We encourage employees to stay in touch during parental leave and join team meetings and social events. We encourage mothers to feel free to bring their babies by the office during leave, to work after leave and we enable and support breastfeeding at the office.

We allow employees to bring their dog to work. Please coordinate with your coworkers and respect allergies. The dog is your responsibility while at the office.

We support employees who choose to work Part-time and accommodate, as necessary, whenever possible.

We encourage employees to continuously develop. We support Individual Development with training and courses/books as necessary with time and/or finances depending on relevance for current and planned tasks and responsibilities.

Full-time employees are offered Healthcare Insurance & a Pension option with socially responsible investments