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Information & Feedback

A Monthly Update is posted to Teams in the first week of every month to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Here you can read about new clients, status of ongoing projects and information about ongoing and planned initiatives. News about changes in the team or other changes to daily operations, will be posted to Teams as soon as possible to keep everyone up to speed. Please make sure to react or comment to indicate that you have read and understood each post.

We invite everyone for the Annual Strategy Meeting in March, where we discuss the direction and priorities of the company for the coming year. Input and ideas are encouraged as we aim for ambitious and diverse action plans that support our mission and help us reach our targets.

Daily, internal communication happens online in a chat or the relevant channel in Teams. Please avoid e-mails for internal communication. Never attach documents, instead link to the relevant document in its folder, when sharing content.

Feedback happens on an ongoing basis, during monthly feedback sessions, and in quarterly zebra spark surveys. If you feel the need for additional feedback on your performance, feel free to reach out to your co-workers or anyone in leadership for an individual talk.

Employees are responsible for keeping updated by regularly checking messages posted on Teams in channels and in chats. We encourage you to ask freely, if you have any doubts, thoughts or otherwise.

Employees are expected to report any grievances or unfortunate side-effects observed occurring as a result of company policies, procedures or activities, to a member of the Executive Board.