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Working hours

We have a Four-Day Work Week.

Fridays are ‘meeting free days’, which means that we do not have internal meetings on Fridays and the office is closed. If you have completed your work for the week by the end of day Thursday, you have Fridays off. If you prefer to distribute your hours over five days, feel free to do so, but remember not to plan tasks that require collaboration on Fridays.

Employees manage their own time, and are expected to reach out to management, if hours do not match agreed working hours.

Tuesday is an office day, where we expect everyone to be at the BambooHouse, unless you have external meetings.

Lunch time is paid time.. Thursday lunch is a team lunch from 12-13 – you can join online, if you are working remotely.

We support flexible work and encourage everyone on our team to choose their preferred workplace, i.e., WFRH, remote, or at the BambooHouse.
Please update the zeal calendar, so we know where you expect to be working from. We expect employees to join the annual Strategy Session and Review Session on location..

Employees are required to log 22 hours in Clockify.
>90% should be logged as billable hours each month