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Zero tolerance

At zeal we are committed to providing a professional environment that promotes respect, integrity, equal opportunity and openness. An environment free of discrimination and harassment in all its activities and operations. This policy prohibits not only illegal conduct but is also aimed at preventing all forms of disrespectful behaviors and decisions which could contribute to a discriminatory or hostile environment for zeal employees and partners. The policy covers harassment and discrimination based on gender, race, colour, religion, national origin, mental or physical disabilities, age, sexual orientation, pregnancy, medical condition, and family or marital status.

Harassment includes verbal, physical, or visual conduct that creates or contributes to a hostile professional or social environment. In a nutshell, this policy is aimed at encouraging and fostering respect and fairness for everyone.

Any incident of discrimination or harassment is to be reported promptly to an Executive Board Member. It is everyone’s responsibility, to speak up about incidents of harassment or discrimination.

To the extent appropriate and with due discretion and objectivity, every reported complaint of harassment or discrimination will be thoroughly investigated. zeal will not tolerate retaliation against any member or participant for making a complaint or for cooperating in the investigation of a complaint under this policy.

If harassment or discrimination is established, appropriate action will be taken by zeal, which may include, but may not be limited to, warnings, reprimands, suspension and/or termination of employment/collaboration with zeal.